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Blue Mountains


It's not always easy for anyone to admit they need a little extra help. Parents especially may be reluctant to seek a counselor for their child or teen, perhaps believing that "therapy is for people with serious mental health issues" or "the therapist will think I'm a bad parent."

The truth is that therapy can benefit people with a wide variety of issues, including very commonly experienced problems such as resistance to doing work, sleep issues, explosive temper, and conflict in relationships. And parents who take the initiative to seek help on issues before they become deep-seated are providing the best possible parenting at a time when their children may need it most.

Yet these most vulnerable individuals often have difficulty opening up. That's where my years of training and experience in play therapy come in. Through the process of play, guided and facilitated to be safe, comfortable, and effective, children ages 3-12 and their families begin to work out solutions to their problems. Play therapy is proven to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger management, trauma, and issues with academic and social development. It is also beneficial for people experiencing problems related to life stressors such as divorce, death, relocation, stressful experiences, bullying, and natural disasters.

Play and expressive arts therapies can also help teens and adults explore and come to terms with difficult feelings and learn to make positive life choices.

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